Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

Internet users increasingly need assurance that they can trust web sites and downloads. A Sectigo Code Signing Certificate allows developers to add a layer of assurance that tells users that their software can be trusted and does not come from a malicious hacker.

A Code Signing Certificate allows IT developers to digitally sign their software before distribution over the Web. End users downloading your digitally signed 32-bit or 64-bit program can be confident that the code has actually come from you and has not been modified since it was signed.

Features and Benefits

  • Verifies publisher's identity
  • Creates a trusted sales outlet
  • Maintains content authenticity
  • Protects software from tampering
  • Improves customer confidence
  • Improves software downloads
  • Creates a trusted distribution outlet
  • Protects the integrity of software publisher
  • Compatible with all major platforms

Code Signing Certificate

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Note: Please use Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11 to collect your certificate. Code signing certificates cannot be generated using Microsoft Edge.