Earn Money with The Nettway Channel Partnerships


As an online digital service, we at Nettway are always looking to build our network of partners, offering potential partners value-added services, client and friend referrals and an affiliate program. All partners earn up to $377.95AUD per sale, continuing to earn for the life cycle of the customer, not just their initial purchase.

Value-Added Service

  • Web Designers

Whether you are just entering the web design industry or a well-known web design company, you can always integrate our products and services into your projects and get exclusive prices for each value-added services.

Client & Friend Referrals

  • Accounting Firms
  • Logo and Graphic Desigs
  • Video Productions
  • Content & Copywriting Agencyies
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Ad Agencies
  • Individuals

Our partners often refer us their clients that need digital services. Typically, our partners will send us a potential client’s information, tell us a bit about their goals, and introduce us to that referral. We offer rewards for partners on each referral while their clients or friends receive discounts simultaneously.

Partner rewards are credited into their Nettway My Account and will transfer to their bank account on the first of each calendar month or when their account reaches $100, whichever comes first. Our partner's clients get discounts instantly at checkout.

Affiliate Program

  • News Media and Business Listings Websites
  • Blog and Forums
  • Products and Services Websites

The Nettway Affiliate Program is free and the simplest way to earn money through websites with the help of an unique affiliate ID once you join the Nettway Affiliate Program. Every time you talk about Nettway, we will track the traffic coming on to our website through the unique affiliate ID. We pay commission on all referred sales with our recurring affiliate model.

Affiliate payouts are made on the first of each calendar month or when their account reaches $100, whichever comes first. Payments are deposited into their Australian bank account or PayPal accounts if living overseas.

3 Steps to Make Money with Nettway Partnerships

Select a Channel Partnership
Promote Products and Services
Earn Money

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