Sell more with a Building a powerful retail brand is now easy. domain name

Enter a name for your .store domain name e.g. emirates and click search.

Why .store?

Want to start a retail business or an online store?

Tell the world you’re selling with a .store domain name.

Choose .store because it says ‘buy now’

With a lot of clutter on .com, finding a domain name that complements your brand can get challenging. A .store domain name gives you a powerful alternative that also conveys what your site is about.

Choose .store because it creates it attracts potential customers

Because .store adds meaning to your name by indicating that it’s a ‘store’, potential customers immediately connect with the name and remember it for being more than just a domain name.

Choose .store because it is intuitive

The keyword ‘store’ is an intuitive extension for every retail and ecommerce business. Plus, it is a common keyword suffix to search queries on the internet.

Choose .store because it is a great marketing tool

By making communication in online and offline advertising more contextual and relevant, .store becomes a great way for you to brand and market your store

Who is .store for?
  • Retailers
  • Online sellers
  • Local businesses
  • SMBs & Startups
  • Storage solution providers>
Who is using .store?
  • Leading airline
  • Grammy award-winning singer
  • Sports entertainment group with 56M+ followers
What are some ways of using .store?
  • Launch an official brand merchandise store
  • Deep link an inner product or category page
  • Share the URL of your store on social media channels
  • Promote specific categories or sales
  • Protect your business against brandjacking

Building a powerful retail brand is now easy

.store offers retailers and online sellers a powerful alternative to regular domains such as .com, .net and .co. With a .store domain name, businesses get memorable domain names that also associate their sites with shopping.

The story so far..

Launched in June 2016

Radix beat Amazon and Google in the bid for .store

230,000+ Domains Registered (as of Mar 2019)

175+ Registrant countries (as of Mar 2019)

Chosen by retailers worldwide

245% growth on Globe eCommerce

With retail moving online, more businesses every year will be vying to create memorable online brands.

65% of domain name check availabilities fail

The first step of building an online store, an integral aspect of SEO, is your domain name.

As most good domain names are already taken, finding a good domain name has become challenging.

.store offers business owners a chance to create memorable online brands.

Whether it’s on a banner, a social media bio or even print, when potential customers see .store they know the site sells something.

A meaningful keyword used globally

Over 460,000 domains in classic TLDs contain the word ‘store’

Preferred by retailers across industries

90,000+ domains in use

Fashion & Lifestyle

Beauty & Health

Furniture & Decor



Automotive & Industrial

Actively used by diverse businesses

Fortune 500s



Why are brands choosing .store?


Leading Airline |

We needed a simple yet brandable domain name for our official merchandise store. We chose .store because it aligned with our vision for this retail outlet as well as helped us create a clear visibility for it. . .store is refreshing and gives us a unique way to brand and promote our storefront.

Nate Murray

Principal at Merchline | Official Merchandiser

The Dude Perfect merchandise has a huge fan base and we needed an online storefront that would make these products easily accessible to the fans of Dude Perfect. We chose because it was an excellent name to brand our store with. Also, it has been intuitively memorable for our dedicated fan following which is brilliant.